The BOTS app experiences: reviews

It goes without saying that we from BOTS will always recommend you to use BOTS. But what about the experiences of other users of the BOTS app? Stefan from HetGeldCollege has made a new video about his experiences.

The BOTS app experiences: reviews

We are proud of the BOTS app and, of course, we recommend it to everyone for trading.

But what do our users think of the BOTS app? We regularly ask users of the app to share their experiences. One of those users is Rene, who recently shared why he started to trade using the BOTS app.

We write these stories ourselves. We write them in all honesty and we don’t shy away from sharing the feedback that we receive.

There are also parties who independently post their experiences with the BOTS app online. We shared these reviews on our website a while ago and you can find them here.

Stefan from HetGeldCollege made a video of his experiences with the BOTS app last May. You can view it here.

Now, eight months later, he has created a sequel in which he shares his own — unsponsored — opinion about the BOTS app.

The video received one comment we are eager to share with you:

“I’m really pleased to see that most bots haven’t dropped in value too much in the last few days. At worst I made a bit less profit. By now the bots are recovering and the return is steadily rising again. I even added extra funds to take full advantage of the rise.”

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