BOTS launches licensing model for Europe and Asia

Dutch scale-up BOTS modifies its business model: from ‘doing everything yourself’ to a licensing model for facilitating faster growth.

“BOTS is growing so fast that we could move to a new model that can accommodate this growth even more efficiently,” says Michiel Stokman, CEO and co-founder of BOTS. This licence-driven internationalisation is accompanied by strategic partnerships with financial institutions in both Europe and Asia. Stokman on the licensing model: “We are not necessarily excluding other growth models. What we are seeing is that this licensing model is currently offering a lot of potential, in addition to autonomous growth and joint ventures. Through our admission to the Techleap Rise programme and our own network of over 1750 certificate holders, we are also actively being approached by foreign partners to work together. Our product enhances their current services, while their licences in turn help us.”

The Netherlands not ideal climate for innovation

Offices in Switzerland and Singapore have already opened. “We have noticed that regulatory authorities in Germany, Switzerland and also in Israel, Singapore and the United States have a more open and innovative attitude towards decentralised finance, crypto and blockchain than those in the Netherlands. There is a lot of talk in the Netherlands, but we are not seeing enough courage among financial institutions to push through innovation. Establishing ourselves on a global scale allows us to grow our innovations more safely and at a more rapid pace. What we are also seeing is that financial institutions with the vision and know-how to match our objectives can only be found outside the Netherlands.

A BOTS office is a logical next step, says Stokman: “With more than 2 billion potential users of the BOTS app, it is only logical to set up shop in Asia. Asia has the fastest growing markets, the most competitive market and probably the most interesting market.”

The BOTS trading platform makes fair financing possible for all people on all continents of the world. It gives the middle class the opportunity to trade. BOTS provides reliable sources of wealth for everyone by bringing together people, technology, fun and innovation in an app that transforms the service industry and society.

BOTS focuses strongly on security and information provision. BOTS expects that the financial world will be facing a turbulent and enlightening time when it comes to security and trust. Many banks and other institutions live in a paper world with paper security, but that is not enough in this day and age. True security is what counts. Ultimately, customer trust is everything and that is now more elusive and disappears faster than ever before.

The BOTS app makes trading easy to everyone with a smartphone: