BOTS Goals: Sjoerd

Every BOTS app user has their own reasons for starting with the app. Each week from now on, we will share a user’s BOTS goals. Today, it is Sjoerd’s turn and he is working towards financial independence.

BOTS Goals: Sjoerd

“Ameide is a village in the province of Utrecht, near Vianen. It’s really small, but so beautiful. That’s where I was born and raised.” These are the words of Sjoerd Boon. He is a 28-year-old commercial technical advisor. “A real field service position, which I really enjoy. You have a lot of contact with people, although much less now, of course, because of COVID-19.”

Sjoerd bought his first home in 2015. In Ameide, of course. “It was a good time to buy, so I can’t grumble in that respect.”

Once he was settled into his new home, Sjoerd started following Doopie Cash on YouTube. He wanted to make more money from the money he had. And he now had the opportunity to do so. In 2017, Sjoerd purchased Bitcoin himself.

“At one point, the guys from Doopie Cash were on TV on ‘How it’s done’ and BOTS was also featured in that episode. I really believe that algorithms can do certain things better than people, so it immediately caught my attention.”

And so Sjoerd also started trading via the BOTS app. “I had actually promised myself a new computer with the profit I made from my Bitcoin purchase but, instead, I put all of it into the BOTS app. So, no new computer for the time being,” Sjoerd laughs.

Sjoerd currently has about 20 active bots in the BOTS app, but he doesn’t have a favourite. “The best performing one is always the most fun, of course, because that’s where the highest returns are.”

Sjoerd doesn’t yet have a strategy. “I just started with a one-off deposit and spread it over a number of bots. The intention is to make monthly deposits. I already do that with my shares.”

Sjoerd is now less keen on manual trading. “The added value of that has lessened somewhat with the emergence of the BOTS app.” A long time ago, Sjoerd and his friends used to play an online game. “One of the things you had to do in that game was collect things, which was quite labour-intensive. Then we found a bot that did this for us so we could move forward in the game much quicker. And that’s how BOTS works too, of course.”

Sjoerd actually has two goals for the future. “My first goal is to get all of the bots working for me,” he chuckles. “But, ultimately, my goal is to become financially independent. And stay that way, of course.”

Sjoerd has calculated that if he can increase his assets by €3,000 every month, he will be financially independent. “It’s really not about getting rich. Material things don’t mean much to me, to be honest.”

He just wants to have a nice life, be able to pay the bills and still have some money left over to go on holiday. “I go on a winter sports holiday every year and in the summer I like to backpack. I would rather spend my money on these kinds of things.”

Early retirement is not one of Sjoerd’s goals. “I really enjoy working, so early retirement has no appeal to me. The feeling that you can choose to work instead of having to is, of course, the ultimate form of financial freedom.”

And that feeling is exactly the freedom that Sjoerd is working towards, but in such a way that he doesn’t have to give up anything now. “It’s actually a balance between living now and planning for the future. And the BOTS app is a great tool for that.”

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