BOTS Goals: Robin

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Every BOTS app user has their own reasons for starting with the app. Each week from now on, we will share a user’s BOTS goals. Today it is the turn of Robin, who would like to go on a special trip in ten years’ time.

BOTS Goals: Robin


“Ten years is a long time, of course, but I assume that by then I will have made more than I need for just the trip.” According to Robin, it will not depend on trust in the market and in the BOTS app.

Although he is only 25 years old, he already has a financial plan. “My job isn’t going to make me rich, that’s just a simple fact. But because I really enjoy my job, I have to find another way to generate extra income.”

Robin is a nurse on a hospital ward. He is currently working as a geriatric nurse. Between March and May 2020, he also worked in the COVID-19 department. That was a tough period. And although the pressure is as high as ever, Robin still enjoys going to work every day.

Robin and the BOTS app

“When you’re chatting with colleagues, you sometimes talk about money. That’s really not a taboo subject these days. My colleague Bas, with whom I believe you’ve already spoken, showed me the BOTS app.”

This is how Robin first heard about the BOTS app and he was enthusiastic about it immediately. “I received an inheritance not so long ago and I used a small part of that to get started.” The initial results prompted Robin to really start working on a strategy. “I now deposit a fixed amount every month into the BOTS app. And I’ll continue doing that for the next ten years at least.”

With this strategy, periodically depositing money and not manually trading, Robin assumes that he will get the most out of the bots in the BOTS app. “Of course, I still check the app too much, but every time I do I notice that emotions start to play a role. So I quickly switch off the app.” Robin has also turned off the graphs in the BOTS app. “They also provoke an emotional response, of course, whereas you should really just look at it once a month and get on with your life. Don’t do anything else in the app.”

And that is also the golden rule in the BOTS group that includes both Robin and Bas. Stay put and don’t start trading manually! “It’s really nice to spend time on it this way. You really learn a lot. There are now seven of us in this group and I don’t even know everyone personally. So, what we share with each other really is based on trust. I think that’s a great starting point.”

Robin’s BOTS goals

Up to now, since he started using the BOTS app, Robin has achieved a return of 39%. “That’s a great result, of course, and if I translate that into my strategy, in ten years’ time I should have around €100,000. I should be able to afford my trip with that.”

The trip Robin is planning is to Australia and Asia. A long-cherished wish of both Robin and his girlfriend. Along with their future children, if they are so blessed. “I would love to take this trip with my children, but at an age when they really understand what they’re seeing when they see an elephant. Otherwise, I might as well take them to the zoo.”

But according to his own strategy, in ten years’ time he will have more than enough for such a wonderful trip, won’t he? “Yes, of course, but I’ll only take out the money I need for the trip and will leave the rest. Why would I want to take it out? I probably won’t need it straight away and I can let it continue increasing in value. Then it won’t just be a nest egg, but a whole flock of hens.”

Has Robin also thought about a different scenario? Namely, that it will not be worth €100,000 in ten years’ time. “Of course,” Robin laughs, “it’s not a problem if it doesn’t turn out to be €100,000. In actual fact, everything between €10,000 and €100,000 is pure profit. After all, if I deposit money into my savings account every month, it won’t suddenly become more valuable. In fact, it will only be worth less. Plus, I have confidence in the market and in the bots on the BOTS app, so the returns should turn out fine.”

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