BOTS Goals: Job

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4 min readFeb 24, 2021

Every BOTS app user has their own reasons for starting with the app. Each week from now on, we will share a user’s BOTS goals. Today it is Job’s turn and he wants to use the BOTS app to learn more about trading in order to make more money.

BOTS Goals: Job


Last September, 19-year-old Job started studying Facility Management in Heerlen. Before that, he was due to take a gap year to travel and work in Australia. “At the beginning of 2020, the forest fires threw my plans into disarray, but that was completely understandable, of course. So I would simply go a couple of months later.” He is quiet for a moment. “But we all know what happened then so, in the end, nothing came of that trip.”

Suddenly, Job had no plans for his gap year. “And I didn’t want to sit and do nothing for a whole year.” The restaurant where he worked was also forced to close its doors. “Fortunately, I can still make deliveries for them and I now do the same for a flower shop.”

So, in the end, Job worked most of the time during his gap year before starting his study programme. “Although my first choice was hotel school, I am very happy with Facility Management. It gives you a huge range of options.”

Job and the BOTS app

During his ‘gap year’, Job was introduced to the BOTS app. “My friend’s father is a trader and she told me about the app and how it provides easy access to the world of crypto trading. I’d always been interested in that, but didn’t have the time to look into it.”

Job decided to download the BOTS app and immediately started with two bots. “It’s really important to me to understand what a bot does. Lots of people are surprised that a bot starts in minus figures, but of course you have to pay start-up costs. That’s nothing to worry about at all.”

To fully understand how trading works, Job checks the BOTS app at least once or twice a day. “I look at my own bots, of course, but also at those that are not in my portfolio. I study the graphs and try to learn from them. Because I have just started my course, I actually have little or no time to spare. So the BOTS app is ideal, of course.”

Another advantage, according to Job, is the easy accessibility. “Because it is so easy and digital (via an app on your smartphone), it is appealing to young people. It enables them to earn some extra money.”

Job thinks carefully about the investments he makes. “If an exchange rate starts to drop, I don’t immediately panic. I use money from savings that I can spare. So the associated risk is not that great. Precisely because I’m trying to increase my understanding, I made a very conscious choice in this respect.”

Job’s BOTS goals

By closely watching what his (and other) bots are doing, Job hopes to learn about trading and eventually do it himself. “And if I could then make money from it, that would be perfect. But I really see it as a learning experience for now.”

Although Job considers himself a beginner, he is picking up a lot. “The BOTS app is extremely clear and I still learn from it every day.”

The question, of course, is whether Job should simply use the BOTS app instead of trading himself. “Good question. I see the time that I’m putting into the app now as a learning curve and perhaps I will indeed conclude that it’s better to leave the trading to bots than to do it myself.”

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