Demian Voorhagen from was a guest in our own BOTS studio during the first broadcast of BOTS TV. Time to delve a bit deeper into his BOTS app experiences and the future of



As an active member of the Discord community, Demian (better known as and owner of Dembots) is a well-known name among users of the BOTS app. He regularly provides expert advice to users of the BOTS app if they have any questions about the bots. In addition, users often turn to him when they have questions about trading or crypto currencies.

But who are

Demian first started trading while he was still studying. “You can imagine that with the little money I had, I didn’t get very far. So I spent some time thinking about how I could do things faster and more efficiently.” Because Demian was actively trading himself, he spent a lot of time on this too. “I traded in various markets, so I had to keep my eye on quite a few exchanges.”

Trading bot

With all this in mind, Demian wrote his first algorithm, a bot. “I wrote my first bot for my crypto investments and it actually went quite well.” It went so well, in fact, that Demian started ‘renting out’ his bots on other platforms, creating another revenue stream for himself.

“Until the crypto market completely collapsed in 2017. The algorithms I created back then weren’t able to handle all of the market movements. So that had to be improved.”

That was when the idea for first came about. “I really just wanted to focus on creating trading algorithms and then work with a party that could market them intelligently, arrange everything for me and with whom I could optimise my algorithms. And this premise fits perfectly with BOTS, of course. BOTS is perfect for running the algorithms, but I was still missing a party that could help me, so that I could just focus on making algorithms and not on all the associated logistics.”

Initially, Demian put some bots on the BOTS app under his own name. “Those are my own algorithms and I’m the actual bot creator.” But he didn’t stop there.

“I see so many good traders with a good strategy, but they often lack the technical knowledge and time to convert this into an algorithm. And we can help with that. It is precisely this concept that led to the foundation of “Very briefly, we help people with a good strategy to turn it into a bot and we can also help if you want to learn how to do that yourself.” currently consists of three people and has a large number of signed contracts with upcoming bot creators. “We can code the strategy for them entirely, but we would also like them to be able to adjust their own strategy. That kills two birds with one stone.”

Secure trading

Security is one of the main requirements of the bots eventually places on the BOTS app. “If you start coding a strategy yourself, with no coding experience, not only will it take an eternity but it might not have the required level of security. That’s why we really work together with the person who provides the strategy and we make sure that the algorithm created is also constantly optimised by means of machine learning..

If an algorithm (i.e. the bot) is deemed good and secure, places it on the BOTS app and the creator of the strategy receives a share of the returns monthly.

“So, I actually made what I wanted in the past. A company that converts trading strategies into algorithms in a secure way. This means that the trader can sit back and not worry about his algorithm suddenly breaking down while he’s enjoying a cocktail under a palm tree. We take care of that. All the benefits and none of the burdens.”

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