Bot creator spotlight: Rave Before the Machine

Where would the BOTS app be with our amazing bot creators? These superheroes are the minds and creators behind the bots in the BOTS app. But who are they, where are they from, what’s their relationship with trading, and what’s their philosophy?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Today, the spotlight is on bot-creator Freek Wiekmeijer: the man, the legend behind Rave Before the Machine. Freek is 45 years old, lives in Eindhoven, is married, has two beautiful kids and a four-legged friend (the type that says woof) he shares his home with. He works as a software engineering consultant and has been self-employed since 2010. How he ended up with BOTS? He’ll tell you all about it:

“I got into trading through work as a data engineer on a project with an energy company. Similar to stocks, bonds and crypto, utilities are traded through automated exchanges as well. The use of algorithms in trading is a complex mathematical puzzle: and I happen to like solving puzzles. It’s easy to find a model that works well on a period of historical data. It’s extremely hard to find one that also works in the next period. The market dynamics change all the time, and the patterns are distinctly less repetitive than in the utility market.”

But it wasn’t until Freek got to know BOTS that he decided to create algorithms for trading purposes. “I learned of BOTS in the spring of 2020 and immediately started to develop algorithms specifically for the BOTS app.

So far, Rave Before the Machine has released three bots in the app: Dr Block (BTC, +72%), Dr Block 2 (BTC. +40%) and Dr Spock (ETH, +46%). “The bots show mixed results, which encourages me to keep improving. I create bots to allocate dynamically, attempting to invest stronger in upward moves than downward moves. If you can eliminate part of the price drops, it supports the return on investment and lessens the risk. That’s an improvement in both the return axis and the risk axis. Hence risk reduction is twice as good as simply chasing max returns.”

The BOTS app is an excellent platform for both users and bot creators. The community vibe is strong, and bot creators like Rave Before the Machine do all they can to connect with the users: “What I love about BOTS is that it’s modernizing and democratizing algorithmic trading. I’m also always happy to do a Q&A with users.” His plans for the future? “Better bots. More bots. And especially multi-asset category bots. Both under the Rave Before the Machine label and in collaborations with Dematrading.”

“Risk management is key.”

At the moment, Rave before The Machine has released quite a few bots on the BOTS app. The philosophy behind their strategies? “Crypto price history shows an abundance of potential profits, but also a lot of volatility. To make the assets “investment grade”, the risk profile must come down. Also, the market dynamics change constantly. Focus on risk management and watch out that your model needs to work in different eras. Do not optimize the bot too much for one specific period in time.

For investors in the bots, Freek has the following advice: “Don’t be too impatient. Don’t worry if a bot flatlines for a week or two. Don’t panic if it loses a few percent. Let the bots run for a while, collect at least a few months of experience for each bot, and evaluate periodically which bots must be increased and which must be stopped. There are periods with massive profits, there will be periods where your portfolio is struggling to hold its value despite the investments you’re pouring in every month. Stay for the long run!”

And some wise words for BOTS app users: ““Know you’re investing in a highly speculative asset category. Do it only with money you won’t miss. Spread your investments and entry moments. Start (or increase) bots monthly!”

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